National Level Solar Competition

July 2023 - October2023

SEPA is organising a National Solar Competition in 2023, for Students from Universities and other Institutions across the country. Alongside these competitions, Students will participate in Workshops that will discuss various Technological and Policy issues, pertaining to the Solar Generation Industry and related fields.

This year the National Solar Competition 2023, will commence in July – 2023 at Coimbatore and culminating in October – 2023, at New Delhi. The Competition has 3 stages and cash awards totalling Rs. Six Lakhs.

Our objectives

  • The prime objective is to bring to focus and generate interest amongst Student in Solar Energy, as a prime source of Renewable and Green Energy, in our drive towards Sustainability.
  • This event is expected to be a platform for Industry and Institution, for focussed research and development collaborations, Research funding and Technological Development.
  •  This Event will boost Students’ Technical knowledge in the Solar Energy Domain, improving their Skills and reorient their thought processes towards further learning and development, in Solar  Energy Domain.
  • This Event will also provide opportunities for Industry – Academia – Govt – Project Owners and EPC Companies – for networking, interactions and discussion, that could lead to a consolidation of opinion as Policy Advisories to facilitate the Solar Energy industry.






The competition is based on a literature review, Electrical CAD design, data sheet comparison, plant sizing, poster presentation, selection of components, Reliability Concepts, Return on investment calculations and developments in Energy Storage Technologies.

Level 1 - District Level


  • The duration of this Level 1 Online Competition will be 90 minutes.
  • There will be 50 multiple – choice questions to answered.
  • Each correctly answered question will carry 2 points, totaling 100 points.
  • Use of Table/ Charts/ non-programmable Calculator is allowed.
  • Students can use rough pages for calculation.
  • The Online Quiz will be of 90 mins duration and no Extra time will not be allowed.
  • Students must be ready with their PC or Laptop before exam time, Mobile is not allowed.
  • All Questions will be objective type with each question having four options, Student must select any one answer.
  • Once the Student submit their answers, further access to the Quiz will not be possible.

Level 2 - State Level


  • Level 2 of the competition will be hands-on at Pune.
  • Teams at this Level are expected to build a solution, as required of them; necessary Solar Equipment will be provided along with required tools.
  • Teams will be evaluated on several parameters and aspects, including their approach and safety.
  • Successful Teams will proceed to the finals at New Delhi, dates for which will be communicated to them.
  • All students who participated in Level 2 will receive a participation certificate.

Level 3 - National Level


  • Participating Teams will be expected to assemble a model in front of Industrial and Academic experts.
  • Necessary equipment will be provided to them, along with required tools.
  • Teams will be evaluated on technical parameters, including quality and safety.
  • The winning team will receive a cash prize of up to Rs.3 lakhs.
  • Runners-up will receive a cash prize of Rs.1.50 lakhs, third and fourth placed teams will receive cash prizes of Rs.1.0 lakh and Rs. 50,000/- respectively.
  • Others will receive a certificate of participation.

As this is a great opportunity for the students and the institute to take part in the National-level competition to prove their mettle, we recommend you send as many deserving teams from your institute as possible. We also request that you allocate one or two staff members to coordinate with throughout the event. In the event of any queries, feel free to contact our team.


Online registration for Institution will be active at the SEPA portal ( from December, 2022.

Registration fees will be Rs. 5,000 (five thousand rupees only) per team. (5members)

Follow our social media platforms to stay updated about the competition.

P.S:  SEPA will follow local administrative protocols applicable in States and UTs, and necessary arrangements will be made for installation safety, social distancing, cleanliness in and around the venue of the installation competition, and to discourage the formation of groups or assemblies of individuals.